This brief, 10-minute survey was a part of the #ACD40 Conference Focus Group on Fellowships & Public Interest Design. This focus group convened individuals interested in exploring the relationship between fellowship programs and the practice of Public Interest Design. A public report will be generated from that discussion and the results of this survey and will be updated on a recurring basis.
Have you been or are you currently a fellow in a community-design program?

How long did your fellowship last?

Please enter your answer in number of years.
Is/was your fellowship full or part time?

What city/state is your fellowship located in?

Is/was your fellowship paid?

What was the estimated hourly rate you were paid during this fellowship?

To quickly calculate an hourly rate, divide your annual salary by 2000.
How was your fellowship funded?

How would you classify your fellowship experience in your career:

How would you define what a fellowship in the community design field is?

What are the benefits of fellowships in the community design field?

What are the drawbacks of fellowships in the community design field?

What are the benefits/drawbacks to the host organization of fellowships?

Thank you for completing our fellowship survey!

If you have any questions about this fellowship survey, about buildingcommunityWORKSHOP, or about ACD please contact inform@bcworkshop.org
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