We are exploring community design business models and organizational policies to learn more about current practice and how we can learn from each other to support the next 40 years of practice.  
We'd love to know your thoughts on your approach. All answers are confidential and a report will be shared as a follow up to #ACD40
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Are you familiar with your organization policies?

Do you have a gender equity policy? If, yes please share how you approached this.

How do you approach hiring in terms of diversity and skillset?

How do you promote staff? Do you have criteria you use?

For staff reviews, do you do 360 reviews, have performance criteria, or use another system?

What is your governing structure?

What is the role of your board?

Have you recently been through a strategic planning process? If yes, what were the oucomes?

Who makes project decisions?

Who makes strategic organization decisions?

What is your organization structure? (titles / roles)

How do you plan for organizational growth?

Do you operate on calendar year, academic year, or set fiscal year?

How is your budget written?

What is your earned vs contributed split?

Do you operate on a cash or accrual basis?

How do you track your organizational / project impact?

What would help you do your job better?

What is community design?

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